Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Dec 29, 2022

LEDs for 60 NC Gyms in 60 Days

North Carolina NPR affiliate WUNC carried a story last month about a great public school LED project. Here's a link to that article.

Here's why we call this a great project:

  • The Kids Came First: 
    The LED lighting in each gym we installed was tuned to be most comfortable (most were around 70%) for the kids (& save more money). The kids in NC's poorest neighborhoods now have gym lighting equal to the richest schools in the state. 
  • NC GreenPower and 2 Subcontractors (ECM+1) Performed a Near-Miracle
    NCGP got a grant based on school poverty rates when the state budget year had 60 days left – but we persisted! Some people said it was too ambitious to get 60 gyms retrofit in 2 months (state award ~June 29 to end of work and FY by Sept. 1), but NCGP organized a team of vendors and we made it happen!
  • These are not your Fathers’ Gym Lights: 
    All gyms were equipped with programmable occupancy sensors, which dim to 50% output after 15 minutes, and turn-off after 30 minutes. This allowed us to customize lighting for each gym while saving a lot of energy. Our teams also ran photometric analysis to make sure the light was spread evenly throughout each gymnasium...

4f75d2_10222184b6b44c18af8e501f6094f6cd~mv2.webpPhoto: Before

Photo: After

This link takes you to a PDF version of the WUNC story.