Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Aug 1, 2022

ECMi means Infrastructure!

ECM Separates “Infrastructure” into a New Operating Group

4f75d2_1f9cc84ea3324f6cb86480487764ce0a~mv2.webpFollowing-up on years of delivering design-build solutions to update failing infrastructure, we are pleased to announce the launch of the ECM Infrastructure Group, This Group focuses on rehabilitating existing infrastructure to save energy, reduce operating costs, and help municipalities achieve their sustainability goals.

Offerings from the Infrastructure Group focus on solutions that typically pay for themselves over the rated life, so measures often support multiple funding options and create a positive cashflow. ECMi primarily offers structural coatings, data automation, and pipeline repairs for the wastewater industry.

Tom Laufenberg, ECM Holding Group co-founder, described the importance of this move to ECM’s clients. “We have collaborated with several key clients to extend our infrastructure renewal programs to municipal infrastructure. Our ability to generate energy and other operational costs savings, while at the same time having such a positive impact on the deferred maintenance and capital needs of these systems is allowing our clients to create much more impactful projects for their infrastructure clients.

The deferred maintenance for America’s aging wastewater system has resulted in a rapidly degrading infrastructure. Manhole inflow and infiltration, along with corrosion and deterioration, often result in increased energy costs from pumps and other wastewater processing equipment. ECM addresses these issues by cost-effectively rehabilitating existing structures. ECM aims to create municipal savings which can be reinvested in other measures.

Cody Vande Wettering, Vice President of ECM Holding Group, explains the continued growth of the municipality offering. “Our municipality-driven structural rejuvenation services have been expanding for years. This year-over-year growth, combined with the fact that these solutions reduce energy, create O&M savings, and help municipalities become more sustainable, mades it an excellent candidate to break out as a separate ECM Group.”

Founded in 2009, ECM has served the ESCO market for over a dozen years and has grown to over $50M in annual revenue. Over that time, ECM has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable, capable, and successful providers of facility retrofit and spray services in the industry.