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Utility Funding

ECM Holding Group has in-house expertise to help maximize funding from utilities through their respective incentive and rebate programs. We work with our clients to review these programs and insure we have thoroughly researched all available options in order to minimize their capital expense and maximize their return on investment.

For our internal technologies, ECM has M&V protocols to insure the best possible opportunities for rebates and incentives for our ESCO partners and commercial clients. These protocols are one of the key advantages to ECM technologies…to validate the savings for our clients, and to maximize the potential for added funding through utility incentives, state grants, as well as other sources for energy efficiency funding.



  • Experience with Rebates
    ECM has worked with many utilities to secure custom project rebates.

  • Experience with Grants
    We have helped Clients secure large grants (over of $500,000) for energy efficiency improvements.

  • Impact

    We develop programs to leverage tax incentives and other funding sources for
    our clients!

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