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HVAC Armor, a leader in the HVAC restoration and corrosion protection industry, recently provided OAR Specialized Services with HVAC Armor Product(s) Application Training.

The course was conducted onsite to ensure technicians were properly equipped first-hand with the proper process skills and application techniques throughout the coating process. The specialized training and support of HVAC Armor resulted in eight OAR Specialized Services Technicians becoming Certified HVAC Armor Applicators.

In a recent email to HVAC Armor, Lynn Derouen, General Manager of OAR wrote “The support and onsite training you provided on the application of the HVAC Armor anti-corrosion products were excellent. Our training was extremely worthwhile; you taught us a lot about the proper process, techniques, and quality control procedures of applying coil coatings.”

The HVAC Armor Product Application course was completed in late July. “Since the training, we have coated several systems both in our shop and on job sites” states Lynn. “Our customers are located in the harsh salt laden environment in the Gulf of Mexico on oil and gas production facilities and the product has proven to be outstanding.”

HVAC Armor, a division os ECM Holding Group, delivers world class solutions for the protection, restoration, and increased efficiency of HVAC equipment. Headquartered in Wisconsin, with branch operations and Certified Applicators across the United States, HVAC Armor specializes in: HVAC Coil Protection and Restoration resulting in increased efficiency and longer life, Cooling Tower Refurbishment when replacement isn’t economical, Pipe Coating Insulation, and HVAC Rejuvenation for the repair and rebuild of deteriorated cabinets and HVAC structures due to chemical and environmental conditions. Its 21st Century nanotechnology solutions are changing the game in Advanced Sustainable Cooling.

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