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ECM Holding Group, LLC (ECM) is pleased to announce that Aqua Energy Services has merged with ECM. The firms have worked together on many projects, giving ECM an opportunity to becom

e familiar with the Aqua teams’ deep expertise in water, energy, and project management. Aqua has been expanding its territorial reach, and will benefit from the strong financial, sales, and operational efficiencies resulting from its integration with ECM.

ECM is a national leader in providing HVAC, Lighting, and Building Envelope retrofit services to the ESCO and corporate markets. As President Erik Larson noted, "This is our first office in Georgia, and it is an exciting strategic partnership that enhances both organizations. For years, our clie

nts have asked us to provide water efficiency as part of our bundle of solutions. By acquiring Aqua, we can better serve our customers."

Aqua Energy Services is a national leader in water efficiency technologies. This merger combines Aqua’s talented engineering, construction, and plumbing crews with the cutting-edge project teams at ECM.

As Shawn Hunsberger, President of Aqua Energy commented, “We are excited by the opportunity to operate in a larger arena. Working with ECM allows us to pursue an expanded group of projects. Our ability to reduce water and energy costs combined with ECM’s financial strength and their ability to handle other energy efficiency technologies, makes this a great fit for us. In the past, we sometimes had to walk away from $10,000,000+ projects. We’ve always had the operational capabilities to pursue these types of projects, but now we will be in a financial position to do so as well. This is great news for our clients and employees!”

Aqua Energy Services will continue to grow their team in Alpharetta, GA with Shawn Hunsberger as president.

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