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Gas and Electricity Customers to Retrofit Facilities and Pay Over-Time Through Their Utility Bills.

Oshkosh, WI – ECM Holding Group, a leading provider of specialty energy efficiency contracting for the ESCO and Commercial & Industrial sectors, and Constellation, the nation’s largest competitive energy supplier for businesses, are launching an initiative allowing Constellation customers to fund energy efficiency projects through Constellation's Efficiency Made Easy (EME) program. Through EME, eligible businesses may be able to pay for their energy savings projects over time through their monthly Constellation energy supply bill.

Constellation's EME enables its commercial and industrial supply customers to implement energy efficiency and other solutions without up-front capital expenditures. Customers may realize immediate energy cost savings from reduced energy use while paying for the project over the term of their energy supply agreement.

By adding ECM Holding Group to Constellation's growing list of channel partners, Constellation's EME program continues to improve customer access to the best, most cutting-edge and innovative solutions in green technology. ECM is excited to help expand the breadth of offerings via the EME program through its portfolio of proven, innovative technologies.

"Constellation is always looking for new and innovative energy solutions for our customers," said Divesh Gupta, manager, energy solutions for Constellation. "Efficiency Made Easy allows customers to implement technology such as HVAC retrofits, building weatherization, and LED lighting to better manage their energy use and support their environmental goals - without an upfront investment."

"By creating opportunities for firms to implement energy efficiency projects with no upfront capital, this program is a great example of how the energy sectors can promote energy conservation while improving our industrial infrastructure," said Erik Larson, CEO of ECM. "Minimizing upfront cost can make it possible for customers to move forward with projects that might otherwise be deferred because of the budget cycle. Constellation is providing an important tool for making American companies more successful and more energy efficient."

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