Lighting Integrated Technologies (LIT)

LIT, an ECM company, is a leading provider of turnkey lighting retrofits. Our success is based on technical excellence, great value, and strong customer service. 


Our extensive knowledge of products, audit & design, construction & execution, and project delivery, have been the hallmarks of our success. The LIT experience is delivered by engineers, project managers, and technicians who focus on quality and the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

We are focused on ESCO and corporate client solutions. Our cost structure, quality of installation, and superior ROI sets us apart from other retrofit contractors. We offer a flexible process so our solutions meet each client’s own internal budgets and schedules.

A typical project might include:

  • Project development through a detailed auditing and design program

  • Process-based project management to ensure proper installation

  • Measurement and verification to validate results

LIT has audited, designed, and delivered over one hundred million square feet of lighting fixture retrofits. Over the last twenty years, we have developed the tools, built the supply relationships, and assembled a team of professionals that will deliver on your energy saving goals.

We would welcome the opportunity to perform an audit for you and show you why we are a leading ESCO and corporate partner of choice for lighting and power retrofit projects nationwide.

case study

LIT replaced all existing fluorescent tubes with LED T8's, removed ballasts, and recycled waste for a 588,000 sf facility. 

QUOTE FROM our customer

"ECM staff was courteous, and cognizant of the need to avoid interrupting bottling operations during the duration of the project.
Also, the new brighter light dramatically improved plant atmosphere."

John Greenwalt, Plant Manager III, Great Lakes Coca‐Cola

Some highlights of LIT's 20+ years of serving the ESCO lighting market. 

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