Water Conservation Solutions

Most cooling tower water treatment service providers profit from selling you chemicals. This means that the more water you use, the more chemicals they sell. ECM takes a holistic approach to your water treatment system - we do not sell hazardous chemicals. We use the chemical properties of water to improve the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. The results are much lower water/sewer costs, fewer chemical additives, and a safer environment.

Cooling tower water treatment programs are designed to control three things: scale, corrosion, and biological growth. Most systems use hazardous chemicals to accomplish these goals. WCS has an alternative: scale, corrosion and bacteria can be BETTER controlled using non-hazardous soft water chemistry in a no-blowdown environment, sometimes called Zero Blow Down (ZBD).

ECM customers have found that ZBD treatment with remote monitoring provides them with superior protection for their chillers and cooling towers. This patented technology saves water and energy, but more important, it lowers corrosion rates and delays the need for system renovation.

ZBD eliminates the primary cause of failure in water treatment programs: the reliance on blow-down equipment. Our clients are seeing dramatic reductions in water and sewer costs while getting world-class scale, corrosion and bacteria control - all while using a lot fewer chemicals.

We would welcome the opportunity to conduct an audit at your facility to evaluate the potential costs and savings for your system.


Water Conservation Solutions

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