Savings Shortfall Remediation

Utility Savings & Savings Shortfall Remediation

ECM has an extensive track record of working with ESCOs to remediate any shortfall situations that the ESCO might find itself in. Due to the quick payback nature of our energy conservation measures and our ability to measure and verify savings, we are often able to come in and generate quick and significant savings at a low cost.

In fact, in some cases we have been able to secure enough utility incentives to make the improvements at no cost to the ESCO. To learn more about how we can discreetly assist you in any savings shortfall situation, please contact us.



Quote From Our Client

"In 2014 we had a major savings shortfall in one of our large university projects. Our contract allowed us to implement additional measures to make up the difference. ECM, through its Green IT Solutions Group, was able to develop a power management solutions that backfilled that shortfall and was nearly entirely paid for through utility rebates. Our ability to step in and address this has led to another phase of work with this important client."

Business Developement Manager - Major Midwestern ESCO