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Corporate Retrofitting


GalexC Consulting works closely with our clients to provide guidance and direct support in helping them to reach their conservation and sustainability goals. This assistance ranges from energy management and procurement decisions to new technology vetting, plus actual development and implementation of comprehensive initiatives and projects. One of our core strengths is in our comprehensive background in sustainability. Our involvement includes solutions in all areas of WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam) in addition to energy procurement options and alternative energy evaluation (solar, fuel cell, and energy storage).

In order to achieve our goal of becoming a “trusted advisor” for each of our clients, each of our technologies and engineering specialists must deliver its’ promised results.


We simply will not promote a technology or specialist that does not have a track record of success. In order to insure that this is the case, GalexC has a strict due diligence policy for any technology or specialist. This process includes talking directly to their past clients, as well as reviewing their M&V process and results. Not only is it critical that estimated savings and performance are achieved, but the results must have been achieved without creating additional burden to the site operations and maintenance. In fact, many of our approved technologies provide additional benefits such as reduced and/or preventative maintenance benefits in addition to reducing energy or water consumption. The due diligence process is one of the most critical pieces of our businesses.

Determining the optimal technology for a specific situation requires a thorough and unbiased evaluation of the problems and potential solutions for each client. That is the core focus of our company, as shown through our mission statement...

To assist our clients in reaching their conservation goals while maintaining high ethical standards and exceptional customer service, to be a trusted advisor through continually focusing on their best interests.

Our clients include primarily large Biotech, High Tech, Commercial Real Estate, and ESCO companies that have aggressive goals to achieve for sustainability excellence. These firms have relied on GalexC for assistance in these areas for many years and continue to bring in our expertise in helping to guide their annual sustainability initiatives. Please see our list of references for examples of these clients and our involvement in their respective businesses.

Client engagements typically include:

  • Energy Auditing Services: Development of a comprehensive plan based on clients’ needs

  • Benchmarking: Determine existing levels of efficiency

  • Technology Due Diligence: Evaluation of the quality, reliability, and savings claims of third-party technologies

  • Rate Tariff Analysis: Review clients’ utility rate structures to help develop conservation strategies

  • Conservation and Sustainability Planning: Assist in developing corporate energy conservation sustainability plans

Our comprehensive approach has been especially beneficial for our clients in terms of added incentives and grants, as well as actual awards achieved for energy efficiency excellence. Life Technologies and Kaiser Permanente both utilized GalexC as their primary consultant partner in achieving their “Energy Champion” award through San Diego Gas & Electric’s annual selection of the top energy conservation companies in select industries. GalexC also worked with US Pharmacopeia to submit a project to the EmPOWER Maryland Challenge. The submittal was successful in achieving a significant grant to help fund the project. In addition, the project was selected as one of the 5 “Showcase” projects from the 2014 grant submittals for its comprehensive scope and innovative technologies.

The conservation industry can be difficult to navigate from a customers’ perspective, as the various methods of measurement and verification for different technologies can make it difficult to figure out which will actually deliver the promised results. This can result in the implementation of projects that do not deliver those promises, leaving customers frustrated and skeptical of the “next great technology”. This is the driving factor behind our due diligence process.

Sustainability Awards


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Doug d'Heilly 

QUOTE FROM our client

"ECM Corporate Services (formerly GalexC Conservation) has partnered with us on a number of energy conservation measures and worked tirelessly to provide the highest level of service and integrity in completing each of our projects. They have helped us maximize the incentives and rebates available to us as well as identify new technologies that offer real ROI."

Richard Dishman RPA, FMA, SMA, Chief Portfolio Engineer - Irvine Company

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