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Project Management

Most of our Clients first chose ECM due to our innovative solutions and our ability to quantify savings, but they have stayed with us due to our ability to deliver cost effectively and on time. 


With low natural gas prices and with electricity even going down in some cases, many energy efficiency programs have suffered from higher paybacks – not with ECM! Our systematic approach to delivering cost effective solutions starts with our professional Project Managers and is advanced through our leveraging of technology to provide efficient communication, thorough documentation, and punctual project close-out.

ECM delivers stand-alone projects, but many of our Clients bundle multiple measures for the efficiency of a single point-of-contact. We call managing projects across disciplines the ECM 1-Touch System™. Our customers appreciate reaching multiple teams with a single phone call.
We leverage economies of scale, technology, and information to reduce our costs for very competitive pricing while delivering excellent service.

As is the case with renovation and retrofit – stuff happens. What sets ECM apart, is our commitment to our clients and the seriousness with which we take being a part of your team. The most important metric that we look at are the results from our customer surveys that pursue after each project. Our determination to understand where we can improve has led to a big reduction in our costs and a dramatic increase in our client and employee satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you on an upcoming project!



  • Professional
    Our Project Managers have years of energy efficiency and ESCO project experience.

  • Communication

    We leverage technology to communicate, document, and close-out projects effectively.

  • Low Cost Leaders

    In order to meet the aggressive payback requirements of our Clients, our delivery teams are extremely cost effective. We usually self-perform our work for maximum quality and value!

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