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AQUA Energy – Conservation Services


ECM is a national leader in water efficiency technologies

WATER conservation SERVICES

Prison Control Systems

  • Inmates within federal, state, and various other correctional facilities generate large per capita water consumption rates.  Control systems engineered for this environment can limit both the flow rate of a plumbing fixture and how often fixtures can be used

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Services 

  • For 20+ years, AQUA has partnering with ESCO's, utilities, and municipalities to engineer, design, and install automated metering reading projects

Central-Controlled, Climate-based Smart Irrigation System 

  • Centrally-controlled smart irrigation systems use data to calculate irrigation needs. These weather-based systems use water much more efficiently

Cleaning Chemical Generation (Green Cleaning) 

  • Generation of non-toxic, non-corrosive, and inexpensive disinfectant that destroys viruses like COVID 19. Solution is 100X more effective than bleach and this commercial cleaner is generated on-demand for about $0.03/gallon

O-Zone Laundry Systems 

  • O-Zone is injected into the laundry process will eliminate the demand for the production of hot water (for laundry) which saves energy and reduces chemical costs that are typically utilized in the laundry cycles

Aquatic / Pool Efficiency 

  • Aquatics Center efficiency focuses on health codes.  Pool operation often has poor chemical treatment, circulation, heating, and filtration systems.  Our clients save on water/sewer, electric, gas, chemical and operational & maintenance costs

Steam System and Condensate Optimization 

  • Steam traps separate air and condensate from dry steam within a steam loop.  Damaged or defective steam valves and traps waste steam. Retrofitting or replacing defective steam systems increases steam loop energy efficiency

Cooling Tower Efficiency and Soft-Water Cooling Tower Treatment 

  • Savings through sewer abatement, side stream filtration and water treatment upgrades. AQUA offers high-efficiency soft water treatment alternatives which reduces water consumption by 35-45%, sewer discharge by 85-95%, and totally eliminates toxic water treatment chemicals

Conservation Projects

Some of the major Water Conservation systems and technologies we provide:

  • ​​Prison Systems 

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)  

  • Centrally-Controlled, Climate-based Smart Irrigation Systems

  • Green Cleaning Chemical Generation

  • O-Zone Laundry  

  • Aquatic & Pool Systems 

  • Steam System Optimization 

  • Cooling Tower Efficiency and Soft-Water Treatments 

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