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At ECM, our mission is to expand the scope of our ESCO partners’ projects by as much as 40%. We do this through our portfolio of solutions, which are focused on energy conservation measures with quantifiable savings, quick paybacks, sustainable results, and robust measurement and verification.

ECM’s extensively trained energy engineers and auditors will work at risk alongside your staff to identify and quantify energy savings utilizing all of our portfolio technologies. Whether during an Investment Grade Audit or during a Preliminary Scoping Study, ECM will be able to deploy our staff to explore and quantify ROI through Building Envelope, Water Conservation, HVAC Rejuvenation and Green IT Solutions. Our Energy Engineers will also be able to work with your Project Development team to ensure optimal collaboration and streamlined project development.


After traveling to the site and reviewing the building conditions with on site staff and performing a detailed investigation of the typical points of concern, ECM Energy Engineers will perform detailed building modeling and equipment analysis to estimate the Energy Savings, Total Installed Cost, and Return on Investment to implement any of these projects.



  • Very Responsive
    In most cases we can turn around a proposal from our audit within a couple of weeks.

  • We Work at Risk

    ECM is willing to partner with our clients. That means that we will perform audits and develop solutions for you at risk.

  • Multiple Measures

    We know that access to facilities and the logistics to coordinate can be challenging for you. One ECM auditor can develop scope for multiple measures.

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