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AQUA Energy Services

  • Over 20 years of water systems management experience in the Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) market. We have the engineering, construction, and project management expertise to ensure on-time, on-budget, and on-performance projects.

  • A national leader in water efficiency technologies. Our team is focused on water and sewer savings along with all other expenses associated with heating, pumping, steam, treatment, and electric water technologies.

  • Provides turnkey engineering, analysis, auditing, and construction services to help decrease the combined project payback time. We also help with affordability by assisting our customers to uncover and apply for energy rebates and tax credits.

Our goal at AQUA Energy is to reduce facility operating expenses, minimize upgrade costs, and control maintenance expenses while stabilizing energy costs and improving occupancy comfort.


ECM is a national leader in water efficiency technologies

case studies
Skyview pool.jpg

The high schools improved safety and lowered costs by upgrading to on-site chlorine production, liquid pool covers and smart pump controls systems.

QUOTE FROM the president

"Due to innovation, unique strategies and thoroughness in our development of water efficiency measures, Aqua recently completed a $3.4M project with an ESCO implementing non-traditional water conservation measures. Because these improvements resulted in a payback of less than 5 years, the ESCO was able to use some of the financial benefits from the water project to fund other needs of their City Government Client."

Shawn Hunsberger, President, Aqua Energy

  • Bathroom Systems including Toilets, Urinals, Sinks, Faucets, and Showers

  • Kitchen & Laundry Optimization including Dishwashing Machines and Sprayers, Pre-Washing Stations, Garbage Disposals, Laundry, and Ice-Making Machines

  • Cooling Towers and Side Stream Filtration

  • Solar Thermal

  • Alternative Ground Water & Condensate Recovery

  • Smart Metering

  • Irrigation Systems & Rain Water Harvesting for Landscape and Agriculture

  • Swimming Pool Efficiency, Controls, & Chemical Treatment


AQUA Energy Services provides comprehensive water audits. Our audits include on-site inspections and utility bill analysis which allow us to quantifying uses, losses, and alternatives. This analysis determines current and projected energy and water costs, along with potential savings for each element in our customers’ water systems. 

Audit Analysis may include:

- Physical Site Audit

- Savings Analysis

- Cost Analysis Detail

- Statistical Testing & Measurement

- Project Summary Report

- Water Allocation Modeling

Rutherford County Jail.png

County Jail Plumbing Overhaul Improves Inmate Control while Saving Water & Energy


Onsite chlorination for resort with many pools and large bather loads in Kona, HI

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